12th European Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship - ECIE 2017

September 2017 (Not Final)   Location is not final

The 12th European Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship - ECIE 2017 will be held in September 2017 (Not Final).

The European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship covers topics such as:

  • Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation:
    Regional development and economies, Economic geography, Investment decision-making, Remittances, Global development, Welfare society, New social economy entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial dimensions and economic growth, Macro-economic growth theory, Corporate tax reforms. Good governance, Best practice, Venture capita, Investment appraisal, Cash-flow analysis, General equilibrium contract theory and Project financing
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in business:
    Entrepreneurship development programmes, Business angels, Assumption based planning, New venture creation, e-Commerce, Intrapreneurship, Strategic management, Small and medium enterprises (SME’s), Innovation and product design, Web design, Knowledge-intensive services, Business simulation, Strategic alignment, Firm formation, Employment growth, Start-up management, Logics, Heuristics and Strategies in International Entrepreneurship and Competitive advantages
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation for educators:
    Entrepreneurship training and development, University patents, University-enterprise cooperation, Learning regions, Challenging academic and business conventions, Co-teaching with business and public sector, Innovation education, Action learning, Learning organization, Academic entrepreneurship, Research-based spin-offs, Evolutionary learning, Entrepreneurial didactics, learning and impact, Entrepreneurial Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • General topics:
    International entrepreneurship, internationalization strategies, Ontologies, Monopolistic competition, Product differentiation, Generalised Least Square (GLS) model, Compound option model, Phase-specific volatility, Endogenous growth models, Quality of work life, Risk analysis, Multicriteria analysis, Research and Development, Entrepreneurship policy, Technological innovation process, Social construction of technology, Location technologies, Change management, Knowing-doing gap, Sustainable management, Autopoietic systems, Innovation success, Dynamic capabilities, Surrogate entrepreneurship, Advanced knowledge services, Disruptive innovations, Incremental innovations, Radical innovations, System innovations, Technological innovations, Method engineering, Presentation and communication skills, New venture creation, Technology transfer, Entrepreneurial challenges, Intrapreneurship, Social entrepreneurship and social innovation, Cultural change, Performance measurement, Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, Social networks, Cyber entrepreneurship, Complex adaptive systems (CAS), Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship brings together practitioners, researchers and academics.

199-650 Pound Sterling


Please, check the official conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements

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