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20th Medical Fair India 2015

March 21-23, 2015

Pragati Maidan
New Delhi, India

20th Medical Fair India 2015

The 20th Medical Fair India 2015 will be held in New Delhi, India on March 21-23, 2015.

The 20th Medical Fair India 2015 is an exhibition and conference dedicated to health care centres, clinics and hospitals, including:

  • Medical Supplying industry
  • Medical technology
  • Medical service provider
  • Medical Components
  • Rehabilitation

The 20th Medical Fair India 2015 brings together:

  • Academies and universities
  • Physiotherapists/Ergo therapists
  • NGO’s for rehabilitation aids
  • Doctors (hospitals, health centre, other medical establishment)
  • Doctors (surgery)/practicing physician
  • Veterinarian
  • Hospital administration managers and staff
  • Government or international Agencies
  • Industry/ manufacturer
  • Dentists/Dental surgeons
  • Hospital technical managers and staff
  • Distributors
  • Hospital directors’/-managers
  • Visitors with medical-pharmaceutical vocational training (e.g. medical laboratory assistant, technician, doctor`s assistant, nurse, carer)
  • Biologists, Microbiologists, Biochemists, Chemists, Process engineers
Mathura Road,
New Delhi,