Cell Line Development and Engineering US 2017

Cell Line Development and Engineering US 2017

June 5-7, 2017   Paradise Point Resort, San Diego, CA, United States

Cell Line Development and Engineering US 2017 will be held in San Diego, CA, United States on June 5-7, 2017.

Cell Line Development and Engineering US 2017 is a conference dedicated to revolutionizing cell line development through disruptive techniques and innovative science.

Cell Line Development and Engineering US 2017 covers topics such as:

  • How industry and academic teams are applying genome editing to cell line engineering and realising gains in product quality, cell line productivity and reduced timelines
  • The implications of the resolution of the CRISPR USPTO interference proceeding
  • Benchmark against industry teams as they share new and established approaches to demonstrating acceptable product clonality
  • Clonality (hot topic and expanded session for 2017)
  • The importance of clonality on ensuring product quality as part of a new interactive debate format for 2017 * Bonus for attendees
  • First-hand insight from the FDA on their rationale behind the importance of clonality and acceptable methods for its demonstration Focus on this
  • Essential insight into how developments across host cell engineering, process control, omics studies, clone selection, and host cell protein modulation are all contributing to improvements in product quality
  • Product quality
  • How process automation and new technological advances are delivering definite results in high-throughput screening
  • High-throughput platforms
  • How advances in next-generation sequencing and omics studies are contributing to the earlier prediction of desirable cell line characteristics and productivity
  • Predictability and modelling of cell line performance and outcomes
  • How industry and academic teams are using next-generation sequencing to characterize clonal cell lines, identify engineering target sites and accelerate high-throughput screening
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Omics studies and their use in predicting better quality, productivity outcomes, and CHO cell systems biology, PLUS
  • Omics studies
  • Cell line considerations for bioprocessing (new session for 2017)
  • How information from multiple omics studies are being combined to maximise CHO cell understanding and manipulation
  • How small-scale modelling is becoming more representative of large-scale bioprocessing and what are the crucial cell line characteristics for use in continuous processing and profusion

Cell Line Development and Engineering US 2017 brings together attendees with responsibilities in:

  • API – Large Molecule Development
  • Antibody (&) engineering
  • Biological Process Development
  • API Process Development
  • Biologics Development
  • Biologics
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Biologics Development & Operations
  • Biotech discovery (research)
  • Bioproduction
  • Cell Biology
  • Cell and Protein Sciences
  • Cell Culture (Process) Development
  • Cell Culture
  • Cell Line and Molecule Development
  • Cell Culture and Fermentation Sciences
  • Cell Line Generation
  • Cell Line Development (& engineering)
  • Cell Science and Technology
  • Cell Line Program
  • Cellular (Process) Engineering
  • Cell Sciences
  • Chemical and Process Engineering
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Drug Substance Development
  • Discovery Therapeutics
  • Early Stage Cell Culture
  • Early Development and Translational Medicine
  • Genetic Engineering
  • External R&D
  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Mammalian Cell Culture R&D
  • Pre-clinical / Preclinical Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing
  • Process Cell Culture
  • Pre-clinical research
  • Process research & development
  • Process development sciences
  • Protein Expression (Sciences)
  • Process Sciences
  • Protein Technologies, Biologics, Therapies
  • Protein Science
  • Research
  • R&D Life Sciences
  • Synthetic Biology R&D
  • Research & Development / R&D
  • (Upstream) Process development


Paradise Point Resort
1404 Vacation Road,
San Diego,
United States
699-3199 US Dollar   (Early registration date: May 12, 2017)


Please, check the official conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements

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