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European Utility Week 2014

November 4-6, 2014

Amsterdam RAI
Amsterdam, Netherlands

European Utility Week 2014

The European Utility Week 2014 will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 4-6, 2014.

The European Utility Week 2014 is a conference and exhibition dedicated to the European energy and utilities industry, including:

  • Smart Homes
  • Metering Billing/CRM
  • Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids

and covers topics such as:

  • Technical and commerical interoperability issues
  • Transmission infrastructure & enhancing interconnection
  • Smart home systems
  • Demand Response
  • Security & Privacy
  • Integration of RES
  • What customers want and customer behaviour project results
  • Smart data management & ICT infrastructure
  • Mobile and wireless in the Smart Home
  • Meter Data Management
  • Smart Customer Management
  • Commercial models for the smart home concept
  • Next Generation Architecture
  • Improving network automation with advanced monitoring and control
  • Financing future networks and communicating ROIAsset management planning
  • Regulation & policy
  • Future energy landscape & intelligent electricity networks
  • Smart Metering Operations
  • The broader context of the world beyond the smart home- Smart Communities, Grids, Cities and beyond
  • Future services and revenue strategies
  • Integration of micro generation and the active role of the consumer
  • Implementing smart grids/cities/homes - practical experiences & future vision
  • Electrical vehicles and the grid
  • Business models and actor collaboration
  • Smart Gas Metering

The European Utility Week 2014 exhibition presents products and services such as: Substation technology, Cables/materials, SCADA systems, Data management & collection software, AMR systems, Consultancy services, System security, Telecommunications, Power storage & UPS, Measuring & control technology, Information & communication technology, Smart grid solutions, T&D hardware manufacturing, Uninterruptible power supply and Investment optimization services.

The European Utility Week 2014 brings together delegates from energy and utilities industry, including:

  • Industry associations
  • Smart home solutions providers
  • Utility suppliers
  • Utilities
  • Appliance manufacturers
  • Telecom providers
  • Government agencies
  • Regulators
Europaplein 22 ,

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