International Conference on Systems Engineering and Modeling (ICSEM 2017)

January 26-27, 2017   Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

The International Conference on Systems Engineering and Modeling (ICSEM 2017) will be held in Sydney, Australia on January 26-27, 2017.

The International Conference on Systems Engineering and Modeling (ICSEM 2017) is dedicated to research results related to Computer Science.

The International Conference on Systems Engineering and Modeling (ICSEM 2017) covers topics such as:

  • Computer Vision, Graphics and Intelligence
    Computer Vision, Computational and Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Analysis and Recognition, Video Processing, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Bioinformatics, Natural Language Understanding and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Information Systems Engineering
    IS development with ubiquitous technologies, IS development for sustainability IS, Cognitive, business, social and requirement models for SIS, IT requirements for SIS development, IS compliance with rules, regulations or laws, Secure & trusted SIS, Database support for SIS, IS evolution at any level: goals, requirements, models, systems, Adequacy of IS development and enterprise development, Conformance of the various IS levels: process, static, requirement, use case, Participatory, collaborative IS approaches, Networked & virtual organizations, Requirements engineering for IS, Enterprise architecture and enterprise modeling, Ontology for ISE, Knowledge patterns relevant to IS engineering (ISE), IS Component-based development, Business process modeling and management, Semantic Web Engineering, Interoperability of IS and enterprises, Constellation of values, intentions, requirements, Components of methods, chunks, fragments and Formal IS aspects
  • Data Management and Mining
    Data extraction and Reporting, Databases, Web Data Management, Information Retrieval, Multimedia DB`s, Web Information Systems, Metrics in data mining, Mining Data, Text, and the Web, Visualization Tools, Data Mining for Software Quality Assessment and Biomedical Data Mining
  • Networks 
    Optical Networks, Wireless Communication and Networks, Performance Monitoring, QoS and Reliability, Multimedia Communication and Software, Traffic Engineering, Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, Communication Software and Services, Network Security and Cognitive Radio
  • Theoretical Foundations 
    Software Engineering, Programming Techniques, Theory of Computing, Programming Languages, Mathematical Logic, Algorithms and Operating Systems
  • Parallel Distributed and Grid Systems
    Parallel and distributed programming, Grid and cluster computing, Parallel numerical algorithms, Distributed systems and algorithms, Theory and algorithms for parallel computation, Peer to peer computing, Performance prediction and evaluation, Scheduling and load-balancing, Mobile and ubiquitous computing, High performance architectures and compilers, Support tools and environments, Fault Tolerant and Reconfigurable Computing Systems


Rydges Sydney Central
28 Albion Street, Surry Hills,
250-550 US Dollar
November 21, 2016


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