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The 11th China (Beijing) International Steel Tube Industry Expo (STIEXPO 2014)

June 2014 (Not Final)

China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)
Beijing, China

The 11th China (Beijing) International Steel Tube Industry Expo (STIEXPO 2014)

The 11th China (Beijing) International Steel Tube Industry Expo (STIEXPO 2014) will be held in Beijing, China in June 2014 (Not Final).

The China (Beijing) International Steel Tube Industry Expo (STIEXPO) is an exhibition that presents products and services such as:

  • Steel tube equipment
    stainless steel welding pipe units, welded pipe units, HF welded pipe unit, cold-formed series of welded pipe forming units, shearing butt-welding machine, hot galvanizing line, and other complete plants, spiral welded pipe mill and large-caliber straight seam submerged arc welding units
  • Steel tube products
    large-diameter oil delivery pipe, petroleum casing pipe, seamless steel tube, gas pipeline, stainless pipe(square, welded pipe, circular stainless steel tube, rectangular, cone-shaped seamless steel tube, etc.), metal bellows, profiled seamless steel tube, carbon steel pipe, industrial welded pipe, cold-rolled seamless tube, fittings, hard-drawn seamless steel tube, inner-thread seamless steel tube, alloy tube, anti-corrosive special steel tube, boiler tube, high/medium/low pressure tube products, construction pipe, bearing tube, composite steel pipe, composite pipe, traverse tube, linepipe, welded steel pipe, thread steel pipe, electro-galvanized steel pipe, hot-dip galvanizing steel pipe, KBG line catheter, clean tube and water supply pipe
  • Tube
    welded tube products, seamless tube products, cast fittings, forged fittings, hard wearing fittings, connecting piece, kinds of valves, filter non-metal material fittings, valves and fittings and flange
  • Seamless steel tube units
    kinds of steel tube finishing equipment such as puncher, steel pipe straightening machine, MPM plant, continuous casting and rolling line, cold-drawing machine, the two roll cold-rolling units, five roll cold-rolling units, three-roll units, automatic rolling units, periodic rolling units, pipe extrusion unit, push bench pipe mill, processing technology equipment and tension-reducing mill
  • Steel tube accessory equipment
    infrared thermometer, steel tube ancillary materials, cleaning equipment and pipeline inspection technology and printing marking machines

The China (Beijing) International Steel Tube Industry Expo (STIEXPO) brings together experts´╝îscholars, executives and merchants from China and abroad in fields such as: natural gas, petroleum and petrochemical, nuclear power plants, electric power, boiler plants, thermal power units, municipal engineering firms, water conservancy, automobile manufacturers, construction companies, shipbuilding, aerospace, mining, metallurgy, paper making, chemical engineering, environmental protection, printing, heating, pharmacy, food and beverages, refrigeration and rail transportation projects.

6 East Beisanhuandong Rd., Chaoyang District,

Please, check the conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements

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