The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2017)

2017 (Not Final)

Dubai World Trade Center - Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2017)

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2017) will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2017 (Not Final).

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2017) is a conference and exhibition that presents products and services in categories such as:

  • Financial Services, Insurance & Banking
  • Free Trade & Industrial Management & Operations
  • Microfinance (credit, insurance, banking)
  • Health Services & Infrastructure
  • Commodity Trading
  • Waste Management
  • Carbon Management & Trading
  • Petrochemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense & Aeronautics
  • Mining
  • Agribusiness
  • Corporates Services
  • Construction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Real Estate & Property Development
  • IT& New Media
  • Hospitality & Tourism

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2017)conference is dedicated to key requirements of today`s foreign direct investments trends and opportunities.

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2017) brings together Presidents, Chairmen, Heads of Department, C-Level Executives, Managers and Directors of: Business Development, Assets management, Finances, Investment, Emerging markets & New Business, Strategy, Merger & Acquisitions, Operations, Tender Management, Corporate Affairs, Sales (engineering, operations), Management Consulting, Marketing, Commercial Operations, Cooperation, New Markets, Communications & Public Relations, Relations with Government & Public Sector, Contract Management and Wealth Management.

Sheikh Zayed Road,
United Arab Emirates




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