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Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems (UVS-TECH 2014)

October 21-24, 2014

ALL-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC)
Moscow, Russian Federation

Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems (UVS-TECH 2014)

Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems (UVS-TECH 2014) will be held in Moscow, Russian Federation on October 21-24, 2014.

Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems (UVS-TECH 2014) is an international exhibition that covers topics such as:

  • Command & Control – Propulsion - Training
    Onboard navigation equipment, Automatic control systems, Command & control and communication systems, Observation and flight control systems, Mobile satellite communication means, Satellite navigation systems GLONASS, NAVSTAR, Galileo, Simulators and computer modeling systems for training purposes and Power-plants for unmanned vehicle systems
  • Unmanned vehicle systems
    Unmanned aircraft systems (rotary wing), Unmanned aircraft systems (lighter-than-air), Unmanned naval surface systems, Unmanned aircraft systems (fixed wing), Unmanned ground vehicle systems, Unmanned underwater systems, Ground-based unmanned equipment, Unmanned systems for interior pipeline diagnostics, Operational security and safety aspects and Functional materials for unmanned vehicle systems
  • Rules and Regulations – Operational Matters
    Unmanned vehicle system standards, Certification of unmanned complexes, Commercial use of unmanned vehicle systems, Operational rules and regulations for unmanned vehicle systems, Technical & economical estimation of use of unmanned vehicle systems, Future unmanned vehicle system applications and Providing specialized services with unmanned vehicle system
  • Projects with use of unmanned complexes
    Special-purpose equipment placed on unmanned vehicles:: Meteorological sensors, Geological prospecting, Reconnaissance, surveillance, detection & identification sensors, Remote diagnostics of objects, Digital cartography, Industrial and ecological monitoring, Software and information processing
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