Conferences and Exhibitions Trends in 2014

Conferences and Exhibitions Trends in 2014:

  • Seating guests based on the event`s planner networking requirements and not only on the guest social connection
  • Using technology to speed up site registration, including tablet based tools
  • Collaborative Event Planning - tools and structured solutions that help a group of friends to plan events using social networks
  • Sharing the event`s slides on attendees smartphones or tablets live
  • Collecting pictures and videos created by attendees
  • Planning an event with the use of mobile apps instead of complex event management dashboards
  • Offering live accommodation options upon event registration
  • Building one page websites
  • Real Time Analytics regarding preferences, heat maps and check-in

(Based on Julius Solaris article in the EVENT MANAGER Blog)

Posted by: M. Johnes, Events Manager,, United States (13-Dec-2013)
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