Interview with Aldric Loyer, PSA / France (Press Release)

Interview PSA / France

Aldric Loyer, Manager Connectivity, Telematics and


on the interoperability of mobile device apps on different

platforms, security and safety for mobile device integration in

vehicles and data access and APIs

Prior to the 2nd Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013, we.CONECT spoke with Aldric

Loyer, Manager Connectivity, Telematics and Infotainment, PSA / France


In your opinion- what are the main current challenges and trends regarding the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013?

Aldric Loyer: We are facing the interoperability of mobile device apps on different platforms, security and safety for mobile device integration in vehicles and data access and APIs (standardization, open source, proprietary).


How is your company reacting to these challenges? What future potential do you see?

Aldric Loyer: We intend to deploy MirrorLink in 2015, as well as W3C contribution for the automotive web API specification, open and controlled development environment for car data access and hybrid development (Native/HTML5) and framework definition.


What projects are you currently working on regarding auto apps and mobile device management? What particularity do they possess?

Aldric Loyer: We are working on Car Easy Apps, which will be open, multiplatform and hybrid based. PSA is also deploying Peugeot Connect-apps / Citroen Multicity this year for connected services using a USB/3G dongle.


Please describe in brief the presentation you will be holding on the 2nd Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013:

Aldric Loyer: I am moderating the World Café “Vehicle data mining, opportunity and obstacles” with the following urgent questions: Why catching information from the vehicle? How onboard analysis of data can change the face of vehicle applications for the consumer market, insurance industry, car repair chains, car OEMs and any other stakeholder? Is the customer ready to open his own car to a „big brother“? What are the core technical challenges for an efficient vehicle data mining system (API standardization, cyber security, big data, telco)? How can advanced data analysis help to create new innovative products and make them commercially successful?


What are the key challenges of your project?

Aldric Loyer: First of all, we are trying to attract apps developers (and new mobility services providers) to the automotive industry and to make apps easy and fast to deploy, but at the same time respecting security and safety constraints. Moreover, we want to agree with other OEMs on formats and data.


What is your theory about peer networks? What can they do?

Aldric Loyer: By now, I don’t have a specific theory concerning peer networks. I hope this conference will help me get one!


What do you like most about your job? What progress do you see in the industry development?

Aldric Loyer: There is so few revenue making and selling cars that car OEM will only survive if they can find some new profit opportunities. Mobility services for example are one, but car OEMs are not always best suited to deploy and manage them. Data management is another one: car OEMs could play a key role to provide vehicle data to service providers. Car OEMs have lost the fuel distribution. They must succeed in the data distribution.


What expectations do you have regarding the 2nd Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013? Which outcome and benefit do you expect from the exchange with participating companies?

Aldric Loyer: I am excited to benchmark our activities with the other participants, have discussions on standardization of data and, of course, share and exchange with the community on our new project Car Easy Apps.


What’s the business model you think it may arise related to the connected car?

Aldric Loyer: The car can be seen as a kind of mobile data-center because of the huge number of sensors included in the vehicle. This information uploaded and treated in the right way (using Big Data techniques) may provide valuable information which is worth paying for.


Thanks a lot for this interview!

Interview Partner: Nicole Steuer and Aldric Loyer.

Aldric Loyer holds a Master of Science in electronics and computer science with experience in digital signal processing, Model Driven engineering and embedded software. He joined PSA in the Year 2000 as an application engineer in the SI department. He spent his first years in PSA by promoting tools and methodologies for model driven software development in accompaniment with AUTOSAR deployment. Afterwards, he moved to the research and innovation department to drive innovation projects around futures electronic and software embedded architectures. Since 2012, he is the team manager of the innovation department in charge of advanced engineering projects related to connectivity, telematics, infotainment and audio.

Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013 is a global automotive conference that discusses current challenges, brand new approaches and future trends in the field of app & software development in automotive cockpits.

Posted by: Nicole Steuer, Marketing Development Manager, we.CONECT Global Leaders, Germany (09-Oct-2013)
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