The Hybrid Work Model

Following the massive shift to work from home, many employees are not interested in returning to work from the office, at least partially.

Some want to continue working only from home, others are interested in the hybrid work model in which they work from home some days of the week and in the rest of the week from the office.

And yet, there are CEOs and VPs who find it difficult to make this significant shift from work that is only in the office to work from home, whether fully or in partially.

In other words, many managers find it difficult to adapt to this upheaval, which brings with it a great deal of dramatic changes in working methods, in the way employees measure performance in achievement measurement methods and even in everything related to measuring employees` working hours.

The result is that there are quite a few managers who want to put the wheel back and most employees to the office all days of the week, during normal business hours.

This means that the most important task now facing HR managers in such organizations - who want to retain their employees and not find themselves facing a wave of resignation letters - is to find highly creative ways to offer employees many, many benefits to office work.

This is after the period before the outbreak of the corona, human resource managers had already tried every way to make office work more pleasant for employees.

In other words, after more than a year of a change in the work structure, overcoming difficulties and concern for the well-being of employees, returning to work in the office may present a challenge to human resource managers that is not easy to overcome.

Posted by: Clocate, (20-Oct-2021)