The Non-Uniform Distribution of User’s Calls in Time & Space: heterogeneous wireless networks

In heterogeneous network environment integrated multiple radio access technology, the nonuniform distribution of users’ calls in time and space is the important factor affecting the performance of heterogeneous wireless network. In order to improve the performance of heterogeneous wireless network, a novel dynamic load balance scheme based on access selection and calls transfer was proposed. In this paper, access selection was modeled as a constrained optimization problem, the access calls was assigned to all base station evenly in accordance with the optimization result. In addition, in order to weaken the destructiveness of sudden calls from hot area to the system load balance, a calls transfer strategy based on the threshold of base station load rate was given. Experimental result shows that the proposed solution performs better than literature solutions in access blocking rate, calls dropping rate, load balance and system utilization rate, and has the advantage of good application value

Posted by: Christopher Oluwatobi Adeogun, Senior Lecturer, Tai Solarin University of Education, Nigeria (18-Apr-2023)
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