5th International Conference on Mechatronic Systems and Robots (ICMSR 2019)

May 3-5, 2019
NTU@one-north - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The 5th International Conference on Mechatronic Systems and Robots (ICMSR 2019) will be held in Singapore on May 3-5, 2019.

The 5th International Conference on Mechatronic Systems and Robots (ICMSR 2019) covers topics such as:

  • Robotics
    • Bio-inspired robotics
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Design theories and principles
    • Control algorithms and control systems
    • Field robotics
    • Evolutional robotics
    • Healthcare robotics
    • Force sensors, accelerometers, and other measuring devices
    • Kinematics and dynamics analysis
    • Human-Robot Interaction
    • Mathematical and computational methodologies in robotics
    • Manufacturing robotics
    • Parallel robots and manipulators
    • Medical robotics
    • Robotic perception and decision
    • Robotic cognition and emotion
    • Social robotics
    • Sensor integration, fusion, and perception
  • Mechatronics System
    • Mechanism and Machine Science
    • Complex mechanical-electro-liquid System
    • High-speed/precision machining
    • Powder Metallurgy/Casting/Sintering/Thermal Engineering/Welding
    • CAD/CAM Integration Technology
    • Laser Processing Technology
    • Computer-aided Geometric Design & Simulation
    • Computational Mechanics
    • Material Engineering
    • Flexible Manufacturing Technology & System
    • Precision Manufacturing & Measurement
    • Mechanical Power Engineering
    • Quality & Reliability Engineering
    • Precision Mechanics & Mechatronics
    • Systems Science and Systems Engineering
    • System Dynamics and Simulation
    • Mechanical Dynamics and Its Applications
    • Vehicle Dynamic Performance Simulation
    • Mechanical Reliability Theory and Engineering
    • Mechanical Transmission Theory and Applications
    • Vibration, Noise Analysis and Control
    • Theory and Application of Friction and Wear
    • Structural Strength and Robustness
    • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control
    • Energy Machinery and Equipment
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Construction Machinery and Equipment

Venue (View Map)

NTU@one-north - Nanyang Technological University
One-north Gateway,
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280-500 US Dollar
No exhibition
March 10, 2019


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