3D Cell Culture 2020

  • 19-20 Feb 2020
  • Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, United Kingdom


3D Cell Culture 2020 is a conference dedicated to the latest developments of 3D cell culture techniques - predictive 3D models for future technologies, and revolution of drug discovery and screening and disease modelling.

3D Cell Culture 2020 covers topics such as:

  • The latest technologies available to 3D cell culture
  • The latest in 3D cell culture
  • What are the current challenges to 3D cell culture?
  • Which techniques are harnessing greatest success and predictability?
  • Organoid technology for personalized models of drug discovery with the HUB
  • High throughput screening, and the use of CRISPR in 3D cultures from Novartis
  • The benefit and potential of 3D cell culture over 2D cell culture
  • The use of 3D cell culture in toxicity investigations
  • Drug discovery and target validation case study

3D Cell Culture 2020 brings together supervisors, directors, principal scientists, specialists, science officer, product managers, CEOs, chief scientific officers, project managers, COOs, senior scientists, lead scientists, labheads, project leaders, engineers, research scientists, professors and senior pharmacologists in:

  • Stem cell and regenerative medicine
  • Cell culture
  • Large scale manufacturing
  • Process development - early and late stage
  • Cell technology
  • Cell therapy
  • Assay development and screening
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Business development

3D Cell Culture 2020 will be held in London, United Kingdom on 19-20 Feb 2020.


Copthorne Tara Hotel
Scarsdale Place, Kensington,
United Kingdom
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1099-1399 Pound Sterling   (Early registration date: 31 Oct 2019)
SMi Group

Future Events

  • 3D Cell Culture 2020 - 19-20 Feb 2020, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, United Kingdom (63156)

Past Events

  • 3D Cell Culture 2019 - 20-21 Feb 2019, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, United Kingdom (70692)
  • 3D Cell Culture 2018 - 21-22 Feb 2018, Holiday Inn London - Kensington Forum, London, United Kingdom (63157)


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