7th Annual Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress (MIREC Week 2018)

May 21-25, 2018   Centro de Convenciones Banamex, Mexico City, Mexico

The 7th Annual Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress (MIREC Week 2018) will be held in Mexico City, Mexico on May 21-25, 2018.

The 7th Annual Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress (MIREC Week 2018) covers topics such as:

  • Lessons from abroad: What can Mexico and the region take from the rest of the world to drive the PV industry forward
  • Analysing the true potential of residential solar and micro-generation in Mexico – Just how big can it get and what lessons can be taken from abroad?
  • Solar Power technology: How new technological developments will shape the industry in Mexico
  • Successful large and mid-size PV projects in Mexico
  • Alternative uses for renewable technology in Mexico and Central America
  • Transmission – What are the key developments in building projects despite insufficient transmission infrastructure
  • Solar Energy from a regulatory point of view: Benefits and incentives to launch into the market
  • Effects of the energy reform on the renewable energy sector in Mexico
  • Mexico-US Border opportunities for Renewable Energy Projects, from financing to completion

The 7th Annual Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress (MIREC Week 2018) is intended for:

  • Investors - venture capitalists, private equity firms and institutional investors
  • Energy analysts, environmental and engineering consultants and industry press
  • Legal experts & consultants
  • Government utilities and Independent Power Producers
  • Renewable power technology research and development companies
  • National and local government officials and regulators
  • Technology developers and manufacturers
  • Development Banks
  • Wind, solar and geo farm owners/operators/project developers
  • Risk management companies
  • Power integrators and installers
  • Transmission system operators, planners and authorities


Centro de Convenciones Banamex
311 Del Conscripto,
Mexico City,
1999-2799 US Dollar
No exhibition


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