9th Mid-European Clay Conference (MECC 2018)

September 17-21, 2018   Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Croatia

The 9th Mid-European Clay Conference (MECC 2018) will be held in Zagreb, Croatia on September 17-21, 2018.

The 9th Mid-European Clay Conference (MECC 2018) covers topics such as:

  • Clays in environment and in radioactive waste applications
  • Identification of clay minerals
  • Clays in absorption and intercalation processes
  • Geology and mineralogy of clays
  • Properties of clays (catalysis, pore systems, transport properties in organic rich shales...)
  • Applications of clays (ceramics, agriculture, building industry, pharmaceutical, polymer industry...)
  • Teaching of clay science
  • Computational methods in clay science


Hotel Dubrovnik
Gajeva ul. 1,
150-480 Euro
Mid-European Clay Conference (MECC)


Please, check the official conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements

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