ASME Section IX Division 1 and 2 - Pressure Vessel Series 2018

August 27-31, 2018   Aston Tropicana, Bandung, Indonesia

ASME Section IX Division 1 and 2 - Pressure Vessel Series 2018 will be held in Bandung, Indonesia on August 27-31, 2018.

ASME Section IX Division 1 and 2 - Pressure Vessel Series 2018 is a conference that covers topics such as:

    • ASME Code system : Code revisions, Editions and addenda
    • Introduction to ASME codes
    • Understanding the code content, code intent
    • Design principles adopted in ASME codes
    • Design rules, How these were derived and arrived at
    • Pressure Vessels : Categories and classification
    • Design of vessels under internal pressure
    • Concept of working pressure, design pressure, MAWP
    • Nozzle and openings, reinforcement of openings
    • Design of flat heads, dished heads, conical heads
    • Methods of design optimization, economical compliance
    • Adequacy of weld joints for shells and nozzles
    • Material identifications, use of unidentified materials
    • Quality Assurance System as per ASME codes
    • Fabrication methods, weld joint categories
    • Material inspection - Resolving non-conformances
    • Welded joints in nozzles and attachments
    • Weld joints - longitudinal circumferential
    • PWHT requirement
    • Fabrication tolerances
    • QA/QC requirements
    • Impact testing Requirements
    • Selection of Pressure Test Methods
    • Pressure Testing of vessels
    • Certification and Stamping of vessels
    • Test Procedures
    • User`s design specification (UDS)
    • Basic differences between ASME VIII Div. 1 and ASME VIII Div. 2
    • Materials Permitted For Construction of Vessel Parts
    • Quality Control, Inspection and test plan
    • Material Test Requirements
    • Supplemental Requirements for Carbon and Alloy Steels
    • "Design by Rule" requirements
    • Allowable Stress Basis, Safety factors for design load combinations
    • Design of Pressure parts: Shells and heads
    • "Design by analysis" requirements
    • Additional Requirements for Very High Pressure Vessels
    • Design Fatigue Curves
    • Welding Fabrication Requirements
    • Fitting and Alignment
    • Examination groups for pressure vessels
    • Preheating and Heat Treatment of Weldments
    • Examination Method and Acceptance Criteria

ASME Section IX Division 1 and 2 - Pressure Vessel Series 2018 is intended for mechanical, maintenance, and inspection / QAQC professionals involved in pressure vessel equipment, including:

  • Mechanical Engineers / Managers
  • Design Engineers / Managers
  • QAQC Engineers / Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers / Managers
  • Reliability Engineers / Managers
  • Inspection Engineers / Managers

Venue (View Map)

Aston Tropicana
Jalan Cihampelas No.125 - 129, Cipaganti, Coblong,
2876-3195 Singapore Dollar   (Early registration date: July 27, 2018)
No exhibition


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