Dubai Woodshow 2018

March 12-14, 2018   Dubai World Trade Center - Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Woodshow 2018 will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on March 12-14, 2018.

Dubai Woodshow 2018 is an international exhibition that presents products and services in categories such as:

    Timber processing , Laminating equipments, Molding, beading, wainscoting, paneling Lathes, Cladding , Molding machines/molders, Wood treatment plants , Particle board plant, Blades and knives , Plywood manufacturing machinery, Bleaching plants , Profile cutting and forming machine, Boring &Combining machines , Press and press plates, Cutting machines & tools , Pulp preparation equipment, Dowelling machines , Rounding, Spindling and Turning machines, Drying klin equipments, Sanding and polishing machines, Dust control equipments , Saws and sawing machines, Edge benders/trimmers , Specialized wood production plant, Fastening system , Vacuum cleaners, Gluing and fixing machine , Veneering machines and plants, Joinery and assembly machines , Woodworking machinery
    Wooden decorative materials and units, Finishing and fittings, Wooden furniture units, Furniture manufacturing supplies, hardwood and softwood Kitchen cabinets, Timber, Treatment products, Plywoods and hardboards, Related publication, All kinds of panels, Wood and Timber flooring, Chipboard and MDF Profile, Wooden crafts and art, Polishing products, Wood raw materials, Spraying equipments, Papers and cardboard, Staplers, Wood and paper recycle, Surface treatments and finishing tools, All related forest products, Veneer, Pinning Gun, Pneumatic Nail, Related personal protective equipments, Timber-based technical solutions, Glue and fixing products, Wooden windows and doors, Laminator, Exotic pieces, Outdoor Furniture, Decoratives and Composites

Dubai Woodshow 2018 brings together wood suppliers, wood distributors, furniture manufacturers, interior designers, wood wholesale traders & retailers, carpenters, construction suppliers, building material manufacturers and project developers.


Dubai World Trade Center - Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC)
Sheikh Zayed Road,
United Arab Emirates


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