I-Know 2018 - 18th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies

October 2018 (Not Final)   Messe Congress Graz, Graz, Austria

The I-Know 2018 - 18th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies will be held in Graz, Austria in October 2018 (Not Final).

The I-Know 2018 - 18th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies is dedicated to various aspects of knowledge management, including:

    • Mobile Work and Performance Support
    • Enterprise 2.0 and Corporate Web 2.0
    • Personal Information Management
    • Creativity and Knowledge Work
    • Open Innovation and Crowd Funding
    • Innovative Business Models
    • Knowledge Transfer and Experience Management
    • Innovation Process and Knowledge Maturing
    • Increasing Efficiency and Measurement Approaches
    • Process-oriented Knowledge Management
    • Skill and Competency Management
    • Convergence of Knowledge Management and Learning
    • Trust & Privacy Approaches
    • Service-oriented Architectures and Knowledge Infrastructures
    • Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds
    • Mobile and Ubiquitous Data Management and Processing
    • Usage and Usage Data Analytics
    • Sensors and Sensor Analytics
    • Mobile Work (requirements, characteristics, solutions…)
    • Mobile Social Networking and Mobile Web
    • Ubiquitous Computing Architectures and Infrastructures
    • Context-aware Systems and Applications
    • Security and Privacy Aspects of (mobile) Sensing Applications
    • User Interaction and Usability on Mobile Devices
    • Web 2.0, Future Internet, and Web Science
    • Social Media, Social Web, and Social Network Analysis
    • Information Quality and Knowledge Maturing
    • Collaborative Knowledge Creation and Crowdsourcing
    • Social Information Seeking and Recommender Systems
    • Community Evolution
    • Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Social and Information Networks
    • Social Search and Retrieval Systems
    • Semantic Uplifting in Social Networks
    • Social-Semantic-Content Networks and their Analysis
    • Social Gaming and Human Computing
    • Spam, Misinformation and Malicious Activity Discovery in Social Systems
    • Privacy & Trust
  • SCIENCE 2.0
    • Opportunities and Challenges for Researchers and Research organizations
    • New Publication and Research Processes
    • Awareness-support for Science 2.0 Activities
    • New Indicator Systems to Measure Scientific Quality
    • New Feedback Mechanisms among Researchers and between Science and Society
    • New Paradigms for Scientific Communication
    • Marketplaces for Scientific Data and Publications
    • Empirical Studies on the Use of Web 2.0 Tools for Science 2.0
    • Virtual Research Environments
    • Recommender Systems in Science 2.0
    • Applications in and for Science 2.0
    • Digital Research Libraries
    • Robust Methods for dealing with Noisy Crowd-sourced Data
    • Crowd-sourcing in Science
    • Social Mining and Metadata Extraction in Academic Resources
    • Data Schemes and Interoperability Formats
    • Design and architecture of data sharing facilities
    • Metadata Quality and Quality Assessment
    • Systems design accounting for standardized data sets
    • Semantic Web Standards for Science 2.0
    • Data Mining in the Linked Data Cloud
    • Big Data in Knowledge Discovery
    • Unsupervised Machine Learning
    • Text/Web/Social/User Behaviour Mining
    • Deep Machine Learning
    • Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning
    • Temporal Knowledge Discovery
    • Enterprise Retrieval
    • Natural Language Analysis and Sentiment Detection
    • Data Structures, Frameworks, and Models underlying Knowledge and Data Mining
    • Data and Information Quality
    • Data and Information Retrieval (e.g. cross-language retrieval, interactive retrieval methods, multimedia and cross-modal information retrieval)
    • Knowledge Base Population and Information Extraction
    • Information Visualisation
    • Visual Analytics and Intelligent User Interfaces for Data Analytics
    • Interactive Knowledge Discovery
    • Scalability of Visual Analytics and Knowledge Discovery Techniques
    • Visualisation of Knowledge, Semantic Information and Linked Data
    • Visual Representations and Interaction Techniques
    • Visualisation of Temporal, Spatial and Sensory Data
    • Visualisation of Search Results, Text and Multimedia Corpora
    • Visual Support for Reasoning and Decision Making
    • Process and Workflow Visualisation
    • Cognitive and Perceptual Factors in Visualization
    • Discourse and Collaborative Visualisation

The I-Know 2018 - 18th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies brings together researchers and developers from various knowledge management disciplines.

Venue (View Map)

Messe Congress Graz
Crystal Palace
Messeplatz 1,
Graz University of Technology, Know Center


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