Abercrombie Meeting 2022

  • 2022
  • St Catherine`s College, Oxford, United Kingdom


The Abercrombie Meeting 2022 is a conference dedicated to the field of investigating cell behaviour using timelapse microscopy, covering topics such as:

  • Regulation of collective cell migration by cell-cell and cell-matrix migration
  • An early trigger of tissue repair
  • Imaging leukocyte migratration in zebrafish: implications to human disease
  • In vivo analysis of monocyte functions
  • Integrin-specific signalling in the regulation of cell motility
  • Keeping in touch with contact inhibition of locomotion
  • Cellular signalling in melanoma cell invasion
  • How matrix geometry defines optimal migration strategy

The Abercrombie Meeting 2022 might be held in Oxford, United Kingdom in 2022.


  • St Catherine`s College, Manor Road, Oxford, United Kingdom

More Details

290-575 Pound Sterling
RMS - Royal Microscopical Society

Prices are for evaluation only.

Future Events

  • Abercrombie Meeting 2022 - 2022, St Catherine`s College, Oxford, United Kingdom (64811)

Past Events

  • Abercrombie Meeting 2017 - 11-14 Sep 2017, St Catherine`s College, Oxford, United Kingdom (27804)
  • 7th Abercrombie Meeting 2012 - 25-27 Jun 2012, St Catherine`s College, Oxford, United Kingdom (27803)


Please, check the official event website for possible changes, before making any traveling arrangements

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