Acceptance Sampling - Methods and Applications

Acceptance Sampling - Methods and Applications is a seminar that covers topics such as:

  • Sampling Concepts
    • Defining the Operating Characteristic (OC) curve
    • Understanding Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)
    • Risk (producer and consumer) and the Sampling Plan
  • Sequential sampling plans
    • Calculating the accept and reject regions
    • The sequential probability ratio
    • The fan chart as a special case
  • Applications
    • Process validation
    • Design verification and validation
    • Incoming inspection
  • Variables Sampling Using Z1.9
    • Variability unknown methods (range and standard deviation)
    • The methods (variability known and variability unknown)
    • Comparative sample sizes
    • Calculating the process parameters - the modern approach
    • Combining attributes and variables plans
  • Skip-lot sampling plans (SkSP)
    • The OC curve
    • Defining the parameters
    • An alternate to Z1.4 reduced inspection (ANSI/ASQC S1)
  • Chain sampling plans (ChSP)
    • The OC curve
    • Defining the parameters
  • Continuous sampling plans (CSP)
    • Clearing interval
    • Processes that don`t produce lots
    • OC curve and Average Outgoing Quality Limit (AOQL)
    • Sampling fraction
    • Mil-Std-1235
    • CSP-1, CSP-2, and CSP-3
  • Introduction/Fundamentals - Regulatory Requirements
    • Statistical techniques in ISO 13485
    • Statistical techniques in FDA QSR
    • Process and product monitoring
    • Validated processes
    • FDA Warning Letters
    • Design verification and validation
  • Attribute Sampling using Z1.4
    • Single, double, or multiple sampling
    • Setting the sampling parameters (AQL and lot size)
    • Describing the sampling plan
    • Acceptance history (normal, reduced, or tightened sampling)
    • Average sample number (ASN)
    • OC curve
    • Average outgoing quality (AOQ)
    • Average total inspected (ATI)
    • Using Accept on Zero (AOZ) plans instead
  • Attribute Sampling Using the Dodge-Romig System
    • Limiting Quality Level (LQL)
    • Average Outgoing Quality Limit (AOQL)
    • Using the system
  • Introduction/Fundamentals - Statistics
    • Graphical Techniques
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • The hypergeometric distribution
    • The binomial distribution
    • Tests for normality
    • The normal distribution

Acceptance Sampling - Methods and Applications brings together:

  • Quality Engineers
  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Analysts
  • Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Design and Development Engineers
  • Production and Process Engineers
  • Verification and Validation Specialists

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Acceptance Sampling - Methods and Applications 2020


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