Advanced Autonomous Drive Conference (AADC)

The Advanced Autonomous Drive Conference (AADC) is dedicated to the latest technological advancements in intelligent transportation, overcoming the various safety and regulatory barriers to engineering safe autonomous vehicles.

The Advanced Autonomous Drive Conference (AADC) covers topics such as:

  • Applications for the Autonomous Driving World
  • Autonomous Driving Cars - Trends, Challenges and Path through Machine Learning
  • Integrating Transportation into the IoT – Smart Cities and the Logistics Ecosystem
  • Localization for the Next Generation of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Infrastructure and Key Investment Trends
  • Smart 3-D LiDAR – Computing on the Autonomous Edge
  • Training to Become a Self-Driving Car Engineer
  • Automobile Sensor Algorithms
  • Interior Cocoon as Prerequisite for a Safe, Autonomous Mobility
  • Safe ADAS Evaluation at the Wisconsin AV Proving Grounds
  • Civil Liability for Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

Future Events

Advanced Autonomous Drive Conference (AADC) 2020


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