Analytical Methods in Development and Manufacture of Drugs and Biologics

Analytical Methods in Development and Manufacture of Drugs and Biologics is a seminar that covers topics such as:

  • Building quality in the product
  • Ensuring quality by the new paradigm of Quality by Design(QbD)
  • Regulatory Expectations and Requirements for the Methods during Product Development
  • Analytical Method Life Cycle during Product Development and commercial Manufacturing
  • Methods Validation Characteristics – Robustness, Specificity, Accuracy, Precision, Linearity, Limit of Detection, Limit of Quantitation, Range
  • Methods Verification, Qualification and Validation with Examples
  • Challenges with Biological Methods or Bioassays
  • Tracking and Trending of Method Performance
  • Potency Tests for complex Biological Products
  • Myths and Regulatory Expectations about Bioassays
  • Role of Critical Reagents, Reference Standards and Controls and their Development and Qualification
  • Regulatory Expectations for a Potency test
  • Designing Methods "Suitable for Intended Purposes" to Mitigate Risks due to Errors and Out of Specification (OOS) Results
  • Risks and Inherent Variability of Analytical Methods
  • How to Continuously Monitor Method Performance and achieve sustainable compliance of methods for regulatory requirements?
  • Changes to Approved Methods – Change Control, Comparability Protocols

Analytical Methods in Development and Manufacture of Drugs and Biologics brings together:

  • Biotech Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Analytical Development Scientists involved in method development, qualification and validation of methods
  • Managers and Scientists involved in Drug Development
  • Quality Assurance Staff for Informed Review of Data and for Managing and Providing Oversights on Investigations, Change Control, etc
  • Quality Control Scientists Involved in Performing Routine Testing and Monitoring Method Performance


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