Annual Conference on Materials Science, Metals and Manufacturing

The Annual Conference on Materials Science, Metals and Manufacturing covers topics such as:

  • Advanced Metal extractions, Metallurgy & Metalworking Process
  • Materials Science and Metamaterials Engineering
  • Surface Coatings Technology and Thin Films
  • Advanced metal casting, metal forming & Steelmaking
  • Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics
  • Non-Ferrous Metals, Alloys & Welding Metallurgy
  • Smart & Hybrid materials
  • Energy Materials, Devices & Superconductors
  • Polymers and Condensed Matters
  • Graphene, Fullerene, Semiconducting and 2D materials
  • Electronic, Optical, Magnetic & Multiferroic Materials
  • Nano-materials & Microstructures
  • Photovoltaic, Photonic and Thermoelectric materials
  • Computational Modelling, Processing & Simulation of Metals & Materials
  • Textile Fabrics & Fiber Materials
  • Crystalline, Semi-crystalline and Non-Crystalline materials
  • Forensic and Corrosion Science
  • Recycling and Reuse of Materials & Metals

The Annual Conference on Materials Science, Metals and Manufacturing brings together:

  • Materials Science Professors
  • Materials Science Scientists
  • Metallurgical Industries
  • Research Scholars and students
  • Metallurgical and Material Science Engineers
  • Materials Associations


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