Annual International Symposium on Environment


The Annual International Symposium on Environment covers topics such as:

  • Water
    Biological Treatment of Waste Water, Water Research Engineering, Waste Water Treatment Management Strategies, Water Quality Engineering /Modeling / Control, Water / Waste Water Policy and Legal Framework and Techno-economic Evaluation
  • Energy
    Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management Strategies, Optimization of Conventional Energy Technologies, Techno-economic Evaluation, Petroleum Waste Management, Energy Policy and Legal Framework
  • Pollution
    Cleaner Production, Atmospheric / Soil Pollution, Climate Change, Natural Methods of Controlling Pollution, Waste and recycling, Life Cycle Analysis Tools, Pollution Policy and Legal Framework, Techno-economic Evaluation and Environmental Management Accounting

The Annual International Symposium on Environment  brings together scholars and students of environment from all disciplines such as biology, engineering, geology, chemistry, geography, economics, political science, history, environmental health, communications, government policy and environmental law & justice.

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