Annual Maghreb/Middle East Renewable Energy Summit


The Annual Maghreb/Middle East Renewable Energy Summit covers topics such as:

  • Emerging Renewable Energy Regulatory Framework and Policy Options for the further adoption of solar and wind energy
  • Rebuilding Maghreb/Middle East, Post-Unrest - Implications for Wind & Solar Energy Development in the Regions
  • Latest Project and Market Updates from regional energy regulators, gencos, T & D companies, IPPs, renewable project sponsors, financiers, investors
  • New Feed-In Tariffs and Incentives to promote solar and wind power projects in Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Mauritania, UAE, Libya, the Med region
  • Local content requirement and new renewable equipment and polysilicon investment and raw material supply opportunities in the region
  • Risks and Returns in Investments and PPP in Wind & Solar Renewable Energy
  • Wind farm development: Success factors that work, case studies elsewhere
  • Wind/Solar Energy & Wind/Solar to Grid Integration within the region and in the Med region
  • New Technologies, Innovations & Equipment in Wind/Solar Energy
  • Solar farm development: Success factors that work, case studies elsewhere
  • Hybrid plants in the offing: solar panels with natural gas?
  • How does a European slowdown and manufacturing shake-out in China and North America affect material supply and cost for the fast adoption of renewable technologies in this region?
  • Offshore Wind in Maghreb & the Middle East - Development and Prospects
  • New turbine engine developments for renewable projects in the region
  • Carbon Emission Trading intra-and inter-region: Will the European debt scenario be a bane or be ignored?
  • Joining the dots: Dovetailing Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Development
  • Global weather pattern changes and the impact on renewable projects in the region

The Annual Maghreb/Middle East Renewable Energy Summit brings together Directors and Secretaries General, Policy Makers/Planners/Supervisors , CEOs & Managing Directors, Presidents, Chief Investment Officers, Vice Presidents and General Managers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Heads of Sales & Marketing, Heads of Business Development, Heads of Production / Plant / Equipment, Heads of Research & Development, Heads of Environment, Safety & Security, Heads of Technology/ Engineering, Heads of Project Finance, Heads of Legal and Compliance, Heads of Energy/Commodity Trading, Heads of Infrastructure Funds, Lawyers, Partners & Consultants and Heads of Logistics/Transportation.

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