Annual Registrant Regulation Summit

The Annual Registrant Regulation Summit is dedicated to client-focused reforms, investor protection, sales practices, derivatives, and open banking.

The Annual Registrant Regulation Summit covers topics such as:

  • What open banking may mean for your business
  • The latest updates on client-focused reforms, derivatives business conduct and registration rules and embedded commissions
  • What impact GDPR and US regulatory decisions could have on Canada
  • The future of advice and financial planning harmonization
  • Implementing Fintech developments in compliance with regulations
  • How RegTech could play a role in your organization
  • Building a sustainable regulatory compliance management framework
  • Providing suitable advice to older investors

The Annual Registrant Regulation Summit brings together investment funds, portfolio managers and EMDs.

Past Events

   12th Annual Registrant Regulation Summit 2019  14-15 May 2019, Toronto, Canada (83601)

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