Asia–Pacific Conference on Computer Science and Electrical Engineering


The Asia–Pacific Conference on Computer Science and Electrical Engineering covers topics such as:

  • Electrical Engineering
    • Antenna and Propagation
    • Analog Circuits and Digital Circuits
    • Biomedical Circuits
    • Assembly and Packaging
    • Communication Theory and Information Theory
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Architecture
    • Electric Power System and Automation
    • Control Engineering
    • Electronics Science and Technology
    • Electrical Machinery, Motor Drives and Power Electronics
    • Energy and Power Systems
    • Embedded Systems and Software
    • Instrumentation Engineering
    • Filters and Data Conversion Circuits
    • Low Power Design and VLSI Physical Design
    • Knowledge and Data Engineering
    • Microwave Theory and Techniques
    • Microelectronics
    • Mobile Computing
    • Mixed Signal Circuits
    • Multimedia Services and Technologies
    • Modulation, Coding, and Channel Analysis
    • Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
    • Networks Design, Protocols and Management
    • Parallel/Distributed Computing and Grid Computing
    • Optical Communications
    • Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits
    • Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
    • RF and Wireless Circuits
    • Power Electronics and Power Drives
    • Signal Processing
    • Sensing and Sensor Networks
    • Test and Reliability
    • Telecommunications Engineering
    • Wireless/Mobile Communication
    • Visualization and Computer Graphics
  • Computer Science
    • Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
    • Accelerated Graphics Port
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Arithmetic logic unit
    • BASIC – Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
    • ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended)
    • Blu-ray Disc
    • Casic computer skills
    • Cellular architecture
    • CD-ROM (compact disc read-only memory)
    • Chip (integrated circuit)
    • Central processing unit (CPU)
    • Cloud computing applications
    • Cloud computing
    • Cloud Print for Android
    • Cloud computing basics
    • Computer architectures
    • Cloud Printing for Windows
    • Computer form factor
    • Computer diagnostic softwares
    • Computer multitasking
    • Computer hardware troubleshooting
    • Computer software programs
    • Computer Networks
    • Conventional binary numbering system
    • Computer tracking software
    • DASD (Direct Access Storage Device)
    • Conventional PCI (PCI is an initialism formed from Peripheral Component Interconnect)
    • Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
    • Desktop Computer
    • DisplayPort
    • DIMM – DIMM which means (dual in-line memory module)
    • DVD (Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc)
    • DNA computers
    • EEPROM (E2PROM) – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
    • Dynamic random-access memory (DRAM)
    • Embedded computers
    • Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator (EDSAC)
    • Ethernet
    • EPROM – An EPROM (rarely EROM), or erasable programmable read only Memory
    • Evolution of computers

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