14th Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition (AWHE 2019)

  • 16-18 August 2019
  • China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair Complex), Guangzhou, China

The 14th Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition (AWHE 2019) presents products and services in categories such as:

  • Solar water heating equipment
    heat pipe tubular collector, Various types of flat panel solar collector, split pressurized solar water heater, etc
  • Heat pump product and equipment
    air-source heat pump water heater, Household & commercial air source water heater, water source heat pump, etc
  • Gas water heater
    flue water heater, vertical type water heater, forced exhaust water heater, balanced water heater, outdoor-type water heaters, forced to exhaust water heater, etc
  • Electric water heater
    storage-type electric water heaters, instantaneous electric water heaters, etc
  • Water management system, Related accessories and equipment, energy-saving hot water project, hot water solution, etc

The 14th Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition (AWHE 2019) will be held in Guangzhou, China on 16-18 August 2019.


China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair Complex)
380 Yuejiang Zhong Road,
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Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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Past and Future Events

  • 15th Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition (AWHE 2020) - Aug 2020, Guangzhou, China (37676)
  • 14th Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition (AWHE 2019) - 16-18 Aug 2019, Guangzhou, China (37675)
  • 13th Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition (AWHE 2018) - 18-20 Aug 2018, Guangzhou, China (43930)


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