Atlantic Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Summit

The Atlantic Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Summit addresses pressing issues that face the new generation of vaccines, including:

  • The Potential and the Reality of Cancer Immunotherapy
  • What the Government Needs From the Vaccine Development, Production, and Implementation Industries
  • Advanced Manufacturing Strategies: Capacity, Development, Successes, and Partnerships
  • Accelerated Development for Emerging Diseases and Influenza Pandemic Preparedness
  • Vaccine Market Outlook
  • The Parallels of Cancer and Infectious Disease: Implications and Opportunities
  • Formal and Informal Models for Regional Synergy in Vaccine Development
  • Next Generation Technologies

The Atlantic Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Summit brings together attendees from investment, commercial, scientific, regulatory and academic organizations as well as high-ranking officials from civilian and defense agencies at the state and federal levels.

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Atlantic Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Summit 2020


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