Audio Technologies for Music and Media International Conference (ATMM)

The Audio Technologies for Music and Media International Conference (ATMM) is dedicated to various aspects of audiovisual, audio and music technologies for music and media and the relationship between music, sound and image in both ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ media.

The Audio Technologies for Music and Media International Conference (ATMM) covers topics such as:

  • Audio Processing
    • Physical modeling and musical instruments
    • Analysis and synthesis of sound
    • Audio coding
    • Signal processing
    • Analog and digital systems
  • Applications in Audio
    • Sound design techniques for `traditional` and `new` media
    • Audio recording and production techniques for classical and contemporary music
    • Audio for smartphones and other mobile devices
    • Audio for computer games
  • Education
    • Sound design
    • Educational techniques and programs in audio engineering, music technology, interactive audio and
    • Computer music as a means of musical education
    • Uses of audio technology in education
    • Collaboration methods between academic institutions and industry
  • Theoretical Approache
    • And the like
    • Discussions of sound and sound design in film, visual media, computer games, interactive applications
    • Audio practice used as a methodology to feed into `traditional` and `theory`
    • Professional experience of using theory for practical work in audio applications
    • Audio as means of representing research as an alternative to the written text


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