Austin API Summit

The Austin API Summit is dedicated to standards and best practices that are relevant to web API.

The Austin API Summit covers topics such as:

  • RESTful design, Hypermedia (HATEOAS), and JSON
  • Foundations for constructing API-first platforms
  • OAuth, OpenID Connect, and clever techniques for identity management
  • Technological trends in the design of APIs, including REST, GraphQL, RPC, and more
  • Pivoting a monolithic architecture toward a microservices approach
  • OpenAPI and other API definitions for streamlining development and usability
  • Monetization strategies for pricing public APIs
  • GraphQL, and other trends in the API space
  • Crafting API developer portals with developer experience in mind
  • Provisioning decisions when creating API-first platforms: Private, Partner, and Public APIs
  • Protocols for event-driven architectures
  • Essential developer resources: sandboxes, SDKs, code samples, and tutorials to onboard users

Past Events

   Austin API Summit 2019  13-15 May 2019, Austin, TX, United States (81679)

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