Body-Worn Camera Forum and Use of Force Summit


The Body-Worn Camera Forum and Use of Force Summit covers topics such as:

  • Use of Force Summit
    • When and how should the Use of Force Continuum be phased out in favor of de-escalation policies?
    • What does the 4th circuit Armstrong ruling mean for ECD policies around the country?
    • Should video evidence of a use of force incident be shared with an involved officer before or after an investigation? Or should it be shared at all?
    • How can you best achieve union buy-in for policy changes?
    • Will holding officers to a higher standard than Graham vs. Connor harm or benefit your agency?
    • When, if ever, should drive-stun be used?
    • In what ways did PERF miss the point with their use of force recommendations and what did they get right?
    • How do Crisis Intervention Teams save lives, time, and money?
    • In what ways is "sanctity of life" different from "preservation of life" and how do you train it?
    • Who should serve as a department`s media spokesperson and what training should they have?
  • Body-Worn Camera Forum
    • Should the data and video be stored and managed in-house? What are the pros-and-cons of using the cloud? Does it all come down to cost?
    • What funding options exist for implementing body-warn cameras? What costs do we need to think about after the initiative is underway?
    • Are there legal and policy considerations that departments need to account for prior to launching? How does policy inform the selection and implementation process?
    • Which technologies actually save money and resources? How should we select a vendor? Is it better to have a wide or narrow search?
    • How should you involve the community in selecting and rolling out a new piece of technology? How are some agencies using community support and resources to reduce the burden of funding initiatives alone?

The Body-Worn Camera Forum and Use of Force Summit brings together senior attendees from law enforcement, including:

  • Sheriffs
  • Police Chiefs
  • Technology Officers and Body-Worn Camera Administrators
  • Deputy and Assistant Chiefs and Sheriffs
  • Legal Advisors
  • Captains, Lieutenants, and Commanders
  • Law firms
  • Grants Managers
  • Law enforcement vendors
  • Consultants

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