Car HMI & UX Redefined USA 2021

  • Apr 2021 (Not Final)
  • The Henry, Dearborn, MI, United States


Car HMI & UX Redefined USA 2021 is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Design & Development Process
    • Automation in the context of evaluation of prototypes & testing / Human-Machine-Interaction IT & Rapid Prototyping Simulation
    • Mastery of variants and versions / HMI Product life cycle analysis & Technology roadmap
    • Modular HMI development with regards to international market requirements
    • Product Development against the background of different legal guidelines worldwide
  • Innovative Tools, Display Technologies & User Interfaces
    • 3-D as a new driver of automotive
    • Text & Messaging Tools & Systems – Challenges for developing HMI’s regarding text input and output while driving
    • Speech HMI & Contextual HMI
    • MMI touch – new technologies for new control concepts
    • Biometrics and physiological sensors as a user interface component
    • User interfaces for information access (search, browsing, etc.) while driving
  • Distraction avoidance, workload management & safety systems integration
    • Next generation Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS)
    • Driver distraction from safety and comfort devices and end-consumer preferences of non-standardized HMI
    • Multimodality & Augmented Reality vs. Driver distraction
    • Scenario independent mobile device integration in an HMI to increase drive distraction and optimize driver workload
  • UX, Intuitive HMI, Voice Control & Gesture – Multimodal interfaces
    • Management of total HMI - Voice control interface, haptic interface, and visual interface, speech applications as a part of an in-vehicle multimodal Interface for Infotainment systems
    • Intuitive driving – Beyond intuitive HMI?
    • Latest trends of gesture recognition in automotive HMI
    • Personalization & Customization of HMIs
    • Texting and Calling – Challenges and concepts for integration in HMI
    • Augmented Reality Navigation in future Head-Up Displays
  • App Development, Infotainment, Telematics & HMI
    • In-car gaming and entertainment and challenges for HMI Development and Integration vs. Driver distraction
    • Designing HMI for apps – Agile HMI development processes / App development methods
    • Mobile Internet, Automotive HMI & APPs - Challenges and solutions for the automotive lifecycle, Safety and Usability
    • Developing useful, usable, as well as compelling apps and smartphone devices in the context of sophisticated infotainment & telematics systems - What is the optimal HMI for connected vehicles?
  • Autonomous Driving & Automated Systems
    • HMI & Autonomous Vehicle Design
    • System & Technical considerations on the way to automated driving - What stays and what has to change, if the algorithm is driving instead of the driver?
    • Exploring the User Experience of Autonomous Driving - Autonomous driving, social driving and novel user interface approaches
    • Automated Driving Aids: Modeling, Analysis, and Interface Design Considerations

Car HMI & UX Redefined USA 2021 might be held in Dearborn, MI, United States in Apr 2021 (Not Final).


The Henry
300 Town Center Drive,
United States
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