Cardiology Update in Primary Care Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach

Following this course, the participant should be able to formulate a practical approach to common cardiac disorders; identify the diagnostic tests that can be used to determine the severity of the patient`s problem and make an accurate diagnosis; discuss the various treatment options available and recognize when to treat and when to refer cardiac patients. This activity is expected to result in increased confidence in making an appropriate diagnosis and providing effective treatment and referral or follow-up care with the overall goal of improving patient outcomes.

The emphasis will be on current guidelines and evidence-based medicine, as indicated within each topic’s specific objectives. Since recent advances in diagnostic modalities, as well as advances in the use of cardiac drugs make it necessary to update medical knowledge in Cardiology, this course was designed as a review and update for all practitioners at the level of a practicing physician.

Past Events

   Cardiology Update in Primary Care Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach  21-25 Jun 2010, Sarasota, FL, United States (695)

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