Cell Engager Summit

The Cell Engager Summit covers topics such as:

  • A Novel Class of NK-cell Engagers for Tumor Targeting
  • Analyzing Target Selection to Maximize Efficacy Whilst Minimizing Toxicity
  • Humabody® VH as T-cell Enhancing Therapeutics for Immuno Oncology
  • The ImmTACTM Platform: Progress and Clinical Insight from the Soluble TCR-based Bispecific Approach
  • Reducing Key Toxicities with T Cell Engaging Bispecifics
  • The Promise of Next Generation T Cell Engagers for Cancer Treatment
  • Omid Vafa
  • A Novel Multispecific T Cell Engager Platform for a Better Therapeutic Window
  • Rational Combinations for Bispecific T-cell Engager (BiTE®) Immune Therapy in Solid Tumors
  • Prevention and Treatment of CRS with Bispecific Antibodies
  • Mechanisms of Bispecific T cell Engager Efficacy and Toxicity in Murine Tumor Models
  • Focusing on Dosing Regimens and the Therapeutic Window in order to Develop Easily Administered Drugs

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Cell Engager Summit 2020


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