China (Guangzhou) International Boiler & Combustion System Fair (CBF)

The China (Guangzhou) International Boiler & Combustion System Fair (CBF) presents products and services such as:

  • Burners and ancillary equipment: various burners, chain grate, oil pump, burner, pressure switch, valve, etc
  • Boiler, fireplace, stove: coal-fired boiler, gas boiler, biomass boiler, steam generator, low nitrogen condensing boiler, electric heating boiler, power station boiler, waste heat boiler, waste incineration furnace, kiln, pulverized coal boiler, wall-hung boiler, cooking stove, heating stove, heater, energy-saving stove, etc
  • Process equipment and materials for the production and installation of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure pipes
  • Boiler auxiliary machine and supporting equipment: water treatment, intelligent control, testing instruments, testing and metering devices, energy savers, pumps, valves, fans, etc

The China (Guangzhou) International Boiler & Combustion System Fair (CBF) brings together:

  • Construction engineering company, contractor, engineering installation company, energy-saving transformation company, architectural design institute, scientific research institution, research institute, energy institute
  • Agents, distributors, wholesalers, import and export traders
  • Hotel, restaurant, sonar, bath center , club, resort, swimming pool, hospital, real estate, school, canteen, bank, financial institution, gym, railway, megamalls, subway, etc
  • Real estate developers, property management companies, energy management companies
  • Media, investment and financing institutions
  • Relevant representatives of the government, associations, and common facilities management departments

Future Events

China (Guangzhou) International Boiler & Combustion System Fair (CBF) 2020


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