Clinical Research as a Care Option

Clinical Research as a Care Option is a conference dedicated to integrating clinical care and clinical research.

Clinical Research as a Care Option covers topics such as:

  • Tools to integrate clinical trials into health systems to all parties with access to relevant information and care options
  • Several different examples from the view of health systems on where they are in this journey as there is no gold standard best practice
  • Ways to reduce the barriers and burden to clinicians, research investigators and patients to participate in the evolving, expanding and important clinical research

Clinical Research as a Care Option brings together:

  • Heads of Health Economics/Outcome Research
  • Head of Clinical Trials/Research
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Health Systems
  • Therapeutic Heads
  • Chief Quality/Outcome Officers
  • Chief Patient Officers, Patient Services and Recruitment
  • Chief Administrators
  • Heads of Clinical Operations, Clinical Innovation
  • Population Health
  • CMOs
  • Value & Policy
  • Physician Champions/leads

Past Events

   Clinical Research as a Care Option 2019  29-30 Apr 2019, Durham, NC, United States (82830)

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