Consensus is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Better Than Cash? How Digital Currencies Could be Used in Conflict and Emergency Relief Zones
  • Unprecedented Transparency: Law Enforcement and Identity On The Blockchain
  • Emerging Decentralised Protocols: Models Beyond Digital Currencies
  • Making it to the Mainstream: Lessons from Bitcoin`s Close Cousins
  • Moving Money Cheaply: How Digital Currency Could Disintermediate Global Remittances
  • The $1.6 Quadrillion Opportunity: Disrupting Global Clearing and Settlement

Consensus brings together:

  • Global compliance teams
  • Innovation departments at global banks
  • Finance executives and policy-makers in global aid and development organisations
  • Executives in remittance and money-transfer firms
  • Merchant payment processors
  • New payments executives in global card and payments companies
  • Providers of identity and reputation management
  • Vendors and marketplaces forming the future of e-commerce
  • Researchers and policy-makers at central banks
  • Federal, state and cross-border regulators
  • Leading thinkers and academics in computer science, sociology, cryptography and economics
  • Legislators and researchers in government
  • The leading members of the digital currency and blockchain technology world
  • Leading online retailers and e-commerce platforms
  • Hedge fund and mutual fund managers
  • Private wealth managers
  • Money-laundering and fraud experts at global banks, consultancies
  • Financial experts in structured finance and derivatives
  • Executives in security and privacy in digital currency transactions, storage and payments
  • Forensics and anti-fraud investigators at accountancy, audit firms and consultancies

Future Events

Consensus 2020


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