Construct and Design

  • 2021 (Postponed)
  • Expo Tel Aviv - International Convention Center, Israel


Construct and Design is an exhibition dedicated to innovations in the fields of construction, design and architecture.

Construct and Design that presents products and services such as:

  • Design & Architecture
    guest rooms, Interior and exterior furniture, restaurants, public areas, office furniture, dining rooms, theaters, conference rooms, wood, Art in glass, metal, stone, sunshades, Pergolas, Printing solutions, awnings, gardening, Flora, fountains, synthetic grass, Formica, aquariums, veneer, melamine, Bathroom, decorative boards, locker-room accessories, toilet, Conference room equipment, Spa accessories, Bathroom installations, smart building, Acoustics, Aluminum, underfloor heating, Central vacuum, Architectural programs, Electricity and lighting, Models, computer renderings, stone, Cladding and interior - exterior paving, marble, ceramics, mosaics, decks, parquets, rugs, Doors and windows, tapestry, textiles, curtains, Finishing products, coverings, Decorative paints and coatings, Decorative and interior design products, frames, Pictures, Signage systems, decorative profiles, Guidance and Display
  • Construction
    Plumbing, Waterproofing and insulation, Leak location, Aluminum, Building materials, Fencing, Cables and wires, Doors and windows, Gutters, Testing laboratories, Air conditioning, Electricity, Ventilation, Heating, Solar energy, Elevators, Plumbing, Central vacuum, Paints and coatings, Sanitation, Water systems, Acoustics, Lighting, Garbage, Shading, Windows, Wood and carpentry, Energy saving, piping, Steel, tiling, Sheeting, profiles, Boards, Leak location equipment, Light construction panels, Beams and frameworks, Construction site equipment, cladding, Flooring, Construction programs, Coating, modeling, Renderings, Electricity and lighting and Aerial photos

Construct and Design brings together:

  • Contractors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Project managers
  • Consultants
  • Supervisors
  • Owners
  • Landscape architects
  • Construction managers
  • CEOs
  • Purchasing managers

Construct and Design might be held in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2021.


  • Expo Tel Aviv - International Convention Center, Rokach Blvd, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Expo Channels

Future Events

  • Construct and Design - 2021, Expo Tel Aviv - International Convention Center, Tel Aviv, Israel [Postponed] (81336)

Past Events

  • Construct and Design 2020 - 04-05 Feb 2020, Expo Tel Aviv - International Convention Center, Tel Aviv, Israel (81337)


Please, check the official event website for possible changes, before making any traveling arrangements

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