Countering Drones Middle East

Countering Drones Middle East is a conference dedicated to the problem of malicious drone usage across the middle east and strategies for a response to this evolving and growing security threat.

Countering Drones Middle East covers topics such as:

  • Close the capability gap to counter the new threat on the battlefield
  • Safeguard the public against malicious use of drones by terrorist and rebel groups
  • Adopt the detection, electronic and physical countermeasure systems needed to assure critical national infrastructure protection
  • Explore opportunities to procure purpose made counter drone solutions andavoid an expensive reliance on missile defence systems
  • Protect the perimeter of your stadium or venue against drone incursion and attack
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your new counter drone systems by participating in operational and training scenarios
  • Develop practical approaches to preventing drone-incursions at your airport facility

Future Events

Countering Drones Middle East 2020


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