CPHI 9th Annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2020

2020 (Not Final)
Sahara Star, Mumbai

The CPHI 9th Annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2020 might be held in Mumbai, India in 2020 (Not Final).

The CPHI 9th Annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2020 is dedicated to Packaging and Quality Designations from Pharma Companies.

The CPHI 9th Annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2020 covers topics such as:

  • Is Anti-counterfeiting a major concern?
  • Moving beyond the value proposition of cost advantage in the packaging industry
  • Importance of connected devices in improving patient experiences
  • Highlighting the potentials of 3D printing and its future Understanding the advantages of 3D printing to improve packaging
  • Importance of improved child resistance packaging
  • Avoiding labelling mixups and adopting latest technologies
  • Smart packaging and connected medical devices
  • Identifying drug diversion and finding solutions to ensure safety
  • SAFE USE OF MEDICINES : Ignorance in India
  • Encouraging the adoption of Drug-Device Combination (DDCs)
  • Highlighting extractable leachable USP [661] Plastic Pharmaceutical Package Testing

The CPHI 9th Annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2020 brings together senior attendees from:

  • Packaging R&D
  • Packaging Development
  • Procurement
  • Packaging Technologist
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control


Sahara Star
Opp. Domestic Airport,
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Past and Future Events

  CPHI 9th Annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2020  2020, Mumbai, India (58802)
  CPHI 8th Annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2019  23-24 May 2019, Mumbai, India (58801)
  CPHI 7th Annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2018  24-25 May 2018, Mumbai, India (51941)


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