CRU World Aluminium Conference

The CRU World Aluminium Conference is dedicated to the global aluminium industry.

The CRU World Aluminium Conference covers topics such as:

  • Energy forecasts and price impacts
  • Aluminium Demand - Opportunities and Threats
  • Freight rate outlook
  • Investors positions and ramifications
  • Chinese supply reform: myth or reality, and the drive for environmental control?
  • Exchange rates
  • Will China abolish the 15% tax on primary exports?
  • Opportunities and challenges in face of evolving US and Chinese policies
  • Downstream opportunities from on-shoring and trade actions
  • US restarts and their impact on the market balance
  • Technological developments in the US rolling sector – what does it mean for rollers in other regions?
  • Effects of potential duties on US aluminum imports of primary and semis
  • China’s global position in rolled products in face of trade constraints
  • Domestic constraints vs. overseas expansion
  • Will replacement demand sustain construction demand in China?
  • Long term economic trends and implications for aluminium demand?
  • Is China fundamentally changing its approach to producing and exporting polluting materials?
  • When will the scrap gap be filled and displace primary metal demand?
  • Where is the calcined coke and the coal tar pitch going to come from?
  • Is there long-term shortages in carbon products that could limit restarts and expansions in primary?

Past Events

   CRU World Aluminium Conference 2019  24-26 Apr 2019, London, United Kingdom (81407)
   CRU`s 23rd World Aluminium conference 2018  23-25 Apr 2018, London, United Kingdom (73924)

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