CSI Focus Imaging

CSI Focus Imaging is a conference that covers topics such as: Structural Heart Interventions, Congenital Heart Interventions and Valvular Heart Interventions.

CSI Focus Imaging covers topics such as:

  • Congenital heart interventions
    • Congenital ventricular septal defect closure
    • Atrial septal defect closure
    • Patent ductus arteriosus closure
    • Pulmonary and coronary fistula closure
  • Valvular heart interventions
    • Valvoplasty
    • Percutaneous valve implantation (Aortic, pulmonary, mitral, tricuspid)
    • Percutaneous mitral and tricuspid valve repair
    • Paravalvar leak closure
  • Structural heart interventions
    • Post-myocardial infarction ventricular septal defect closure
    • Patent foramen ovale closure
    • Left atrial appendage closure
    • HOCM septal ablation
    • Mechanical remodeling for heart failure
    • Left ventricular aneurysm closure

CSI Focus Imaging brings together Echo specialists, physicians and Interventionalists.

Future Events

CSI Focus Imaging 2020


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