Data-Driven Creative Conference New York

The Data-Driven Creative Conference New York covers topics such as:

  • Data Visualization & Graphics – graphics that are informed and driven by data
  • Spatial Computing – using the space around us as a medium to interact with technology
  • Art World Innovation – non-commercial applications which push boundaries, all in the name of creative expression
  • Experiential – site-specific, one-off, data-driven experiences
  • Dynamic Delivery & Customization – creating video on the fly to serve a specific message to a specific audience at a specific time
  • Civic & Public Applications – uses of data that are done for the public good in the public
  • Algorithmically Created Music – using AI to create music
  • Addressable Video – customizing video or still image content to "address" a highly targeted audience
  • Volumetric Capture – the new filmmaking technique which is disrupting the world of VR

Future Events

Data-Driven Creative Conference New York 2020


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