Data Modelling Essentials

  • 2021 (Not Final)
  • ETC Venues Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom


The Data Modelling Essentials is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Data Model Components
    • How to identify Entities and Subtypes
    • Data Modelling Basics; Entities, Attributes, Relationships
    • How do different data modelling notations represent subtypes?
    • What are the differences between exclusive and non-exclusive subtypes?
    • Relationships: Cardinality & Optionality, Identifying, Non-identifying, recursive, and many-to-many
    • Basic standards that you can use right away
    • Rules for handling Super types, subtypes, many to many and recursive relationships
    • How does cardinality and referential integrity lead to better data quality?
    • What are the alleged and actual benefits of surrogate keys?
    • Keys: Primary, Natural, Surrogate, Alternate, Inverted, Foreign
    • Attribute properties & attribute domains
  • Data Modelling Basics
    • What is the relationship between a data model and other types of models in the Enterprise Architecture
    • What is Data Modelling and why does it matter
    • The major differences between Enterprise, Conceptual, Logical, Physical and Dimensional data models
    • What is a Conceptual Data model, why it`s important and the pivotal role it plays in all architecture disciplines
    • Data vs MetaData; what`s the difference and why does it matter
  • Using Data Models
    • The critical role played by Data Models in all disciplines of Information Management
    • How to use high-level data models to communicate with business people to get the core information you require to build robust applications
    • Data models are not just for DBMS design, the other areas where models are critical
    • Why Data Models are required for software package implementation
    • Maturity assessment to consider the way in which models are utilized in the enterprise and their integration in the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Creating Data Models
    • What core information is needed to create a data model, how this can be easily communicated to business people, and what visual constructs to use to get their attention
    • How to get started with data models
    • How to capture requirements for data models
    • Templates and guidelines for a step-by-step approach to implementing a high-level data model in your organization
    • Approaches for creating a data model (Top Down, Bottom Up, Middle out) and when to use them
  • Improving your Data Models
    • Normalisation: 1st, 2nd and 3rd normal form and a brief overview of other normal forms
    • Data Modelling Notations and tooling
    • Layout, presenting, and communicating a data model to non-modellers
    • Ten steps for checking the quality of your data models
  • Dimensional Data Modelling Basics
    • The key differences between Dimensional & Relational models
    • Facts and Dimensions, the basics of Dimensional models
    • Inmon vs Kimball Data Warehouse approaches
    • The use of Dimensional data models in Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
    • Aggregation and Summarisation - what you really need to know
    • How to cater for change in Dimensional models; the different types of slowly changing dimensions
    • Columnar Database & Data warehouse - a forgotten treasure?

The Data Modelling Essentials brings together:

  • Data Architects
  • Data Modellers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Application Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Information Architects
  • Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • IT Consultants
  • Project / Programme Managers
  • Business Users

The Data Modelling Essentials might be held in London, United Kingdom in 2021 (Not Final).


ETC Venues Marble Arch
86 Edgware Road,
United Kingdom
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Future Events

  • Data Modelling Essentials - 2021, ETC Venues Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom (53448)

Past Events

  • Data Modelling Essentials - 21-22 Apr 2020, ETC Venues Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom (56809)
  • Data Modelling Essentials 2019 - 26-27 Mar 2019, ETC Venues Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom (73281)


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