Diploma in Ship Superintendency

Diploma in Ship Superintendency is a course that covers topics such as:

  • The ship superintendent as part of the management team
  • The role of the ship superintendent
  • Maritime law
  • The world of shipping
  • Operating guidelines
  • Marine operations
  • The management of safety and security
  • Tankers, gas and chemical carriers
  • Basic marine engineering Specialist Modules
  • Passenger ships including ferries
  • Cargo and container ships
  • The management of superyachts
  • Marine engineering

Diploma in Ship Superintendency intended for:

  • Those currently serving as ship superintendents
  • Those who may be at sea and wish to progress to a shore based position
  • Those who have a purely academic interest in gaining a Diploma in Ship Superintendency qualification that will assist with their own personal and professional development

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Industry:   Maritime