Dry Powder Inhalers: Annual Conference


Dry Powder Inhalers: Annual Conference is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Human Factors in the Development of DPIs
  • Generic DPIs – The Future
  • Addressing the Needs of the Elderly Patient Requiring Orally Inhaled Therapy at Home – Focus on Dry Powder Inhalers
  • Qualcomm Life: Connecting Inhalers Globally
  • Why are there Surprises When Correlating IVIV?
  • Aiming for the Lungs – Formulation Strategies for Delivery of Inhaled Biologics
  • Oral versus Inhaled Drug Delivery for Respiratory Pharmacotherapy
  • Regulatory Perspective on Inhalation Products
  • Integrated Development and Scale-up of Combination Products
  • Simplicity in Inhaler Design
  • Formulating Powder-Device Combinations for DPI Products
  • The In-Vivo Behaviour of Particles in the Extra Fine Region
  • Mannitol as an Alternative to Lactose Dry Powder Inhalation

Dry Powder Inhalers: Annual Conference brings together attendees involved or interested in:

  • Inhalation product development
  • Respiratory drug development
  • Formulation Development
  • Device engineering
  • Medical marketing
  • Scientific research
  • Marketing and Business development

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