14th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CROWNCOM 2019)

11-13 June 2019
Novotel Poznan Centrum

The 14th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CROWNCOM 2019) will be held in Poznan, Poland on 11-13 June 2019.

The 14th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CROWNCOM 2019) is a conference dedicated to new solutions of how cognitive radio systems will help deliver the required capacity at the right delay in the future 5G networks.

The 14th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CROWNCOM 2019) covers topics such as:

  • Networking Protocols for Cognitive Radio
    • Cognitive relays models and protocols
    • Cooperative networking / transmission
    • Load balancing and network optimization
    • Self organized networks
    • Cross-layer control for cognitive networking
    • Cooperative radio resource management
    • Cognitive radio protocols and algorithms
    • Energy-efficient protocols for CR
    • Cognitive radio Under energy harvesting scenarios
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access/Management
    • Cloud-based dynamic spectrum sharing/access management
    • Dynamic spectrum allocation mechanisms and algorithms
    • Information-theoretic perspectives on optimal resource allocation for multiuser cognitive networks
    • Cognitive radio integration in heterogeneous networks and small cells (2-tier/3-tier networking)
    • Multiple-antenna transmission, reception and beam-forming
    • Cooperative communication, relaying systems and network coding
    • Interference management and coordination
    • Game theory applications in dynamic spectrum access
    • Quality of service and experience, and fairness constraints on TVWS usage
    • Spectrum resource allocation with reduced, delayed or noisy channel state information
    • Multidimensional dynamic spectrum access/sharing
  • Hardware Architecture and Implementat
    • Virtualized cognitive network architectures
    • Architecture and algorithm co-optimization
    • Error-tolerant and reliable designs
    • Energy-efficient design, both mobile and infrastructure
    • Reconfigurable antennas and RF circuits
    • Reconfigurable systems including software defined and cognitive radios
    • Hardware and software implementation issues
    • Cyber physical systems
    • Medium access control for cognitive networks
    • Physical layer algorithms for cognitive radio
    • Prototypes and testbeds
    • Hardware architectures for certification and security
  • Modeling and Theory
    • Collaborative radio networks
    • Cognitive radio and network architectures
    • Agile spectrum and dynamic spectrum sharing techniques
    • Information theory and performance limits of dynamic spectrum access
    • Cross-layer algorithms based on spectrum sensing techniques
    • Cognitive spectrum sharing, coexistence and interoperability
    • Connectivity, capacity, and scalability of heterogeneous systems via cognitive networking
    • Cognitive radio sensing in the large and feature detection
    • Radio environment modelling
    • Auction and pricing models for dynamic spectrum sharing
    • Characterization of cognitive wireless networks
    • Spectrum database (or geolocation database)
    • Spectrum aggregation
    • Spectrum sensing
    • MIMO/OFDM-based cognitive radio
    • Spectrum mobility
    • Interference management
    • Co-existence of primary and secondary networks
    • Energy-efficient spectrum sensing
    • Game theory for cognitive radio networks
    • Radio environment modelling
    • Cognitive in highly time-variant networks
    • Cognitive channel/interference modelling
    • Algorithms for TV whitespace usage
  • Standards and Business Models
    • Multioperator spectra management
    • National and international radio regulations
    • Business models, use cases, and applications
    • Standardization (IETF, ITU, 3GPP, IEEE, ETSI, etc)
    • Simulation, prototypes, and trials
    • Future concepts of spectrum usage
    • White space radio systems and coexistence methods
  • Next Generation of Cognitive Networks
    • Application-driven cognitive radio resource management
    • Unlicensed LTE and Wi-Fi deployments
    • Cognitive radio with massive MIMO for 5G communications
    • Energy-efficient green cognitive radio networks
    • Spectrum sensing with focus on 5G cellular systems
    • Radio environment map/Geo-location database for 5G cellular systems
    • D2D and small-cell integration in cognitive networks
    • Cognitive radio resource management
    • Context aware cognitive networks
    • Self-organised cognitive networks
    • Carrier aggregation in licensed and unlicensed bands
    • Measurements and statistical modeling of spectrum usage
    • Interoperability of cognitive heterogenous networks
    • Ranging and localisation in cognitive networks
    • Security and stability of agile cognitive networks
  • Emerging Applications for Cognitive Networks
    • Cognitive radio-based solutions for D2D communications and small-cells
    • Machine type communications (MTC) or M2M over TVWS
    • Backhauling/fronthauling for heterogeneous traffic over TVWS
    • Smart grid communications and control over TVWS or unlicensed LTE
    • Cognitive technologies in 5G public safety communications
    • Cognitive radio for smart homes and cities
    • Dynamic spectrum aggregation for future air interface implementation
    • Cognition driven energy harvesting
    • 5G based on cognitive radio
    • Self-organizing approaches for dynamic spectrum management
    • Business models and case studies to support emerging applications and services of cognitive networks

The 14th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CROWNCOM 2019) brings together researchers from academia, industry, standards, and policy.


Novotel Poznan Centrum
Pl. Andersa 1,
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