Echo/Imaging New York: State-of-the-Art

Echo/Imaging New York: State-of-the-Art is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Describe the severity of valvular heart disease and apply the current ASE guidelines by employying qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Applying the ASE Guidelines document for quantification of chamber sizes and (systolic and diastolic) function
  • The utility of stress echocardiography for evaluation of coronary heart disease, dyspnea, and valvular heart disease
  • The utility of echocardiography in (systolic and diastolic) heart failure diagnosis and therapy
  • The complementary use of other imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, and vascular imaging
  • The utility of transesophageal and intracardiac imaging in management decisions in the interventional lab, operating room, and intensive care unit
  • The echocardiographic presentation of special patient populations, including those with cancer, congenital heart disease, athletes with heart disease, and heart disease in pregnancy

Echo/Imaging New York: State-of-the-Art brings together:

  • Cardiologists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Critical care physicians
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Medical professionals
  • Sonographers

Future Events

Echo/Imaging New York: State-of-the-Art 2020


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